Our multidisciplinary team includes sexologists, psychotherapists, social workers and social worker technicians who have developed strong expertise in counselling with victims of sexual violence. We can help you!

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Appeasement workshops

The appeasement workshops are addressed to people 13 years old or older who are on the waiting list to receive individual therapy. The goal of these workshops is to appease various consequences that may arise after an episode of sexual violence and are given to voluntary participants. These 2-hour workshops are given during the day or at night. The first workshop debriefs myths and biases towards victims of sexual violence in order to debunk them. The following workshops tackle themes of mistrust, anxiety, and flashbacks, all of which are possible consequences. Each workshop provides tools to increase the well-being of participants.

Individual psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a service offered to adult victims, which lasts for a maximum of 30 appointments. The psychotherapeutic objectives are discussed and established together with the client. We ask our clients to commit to regular and weekly appointments. This therapy aims to support victims of sexual violence on their way to healing and is based on the personal rhythm and needs of the client.

Services for relatives

Short time counselling

  • At CPIVAS, we recognize and value the contribution and support from relatives during the healing of a sexual violence victim. We firmly believe that relatives’ attitudes can make a tremendous difference. It is therefore obvious that we must offer them a safe space to take care of their own inner experience, so they can acquire important tools and helpful attitudes when they are around the victim. Relatives are offered between 5 to 10 appointments depending on their needs and are asked to commit to regular and weekly appointments.
Group therapy for women

This group is addressed to all women who are victims of sexual violence wishing to break the silence and experience equal and healthy relationships by being part of a group of women who have a shared experience. The program consists of thirteen, three-hour meetings, during which, participants can share their experience related to various topics. Some people might want to consider undertaking an individual therapy before joining the group to take a few personal steps towards recovery in order to fully take advantage of the group experience.

Self-defence program for women

The OOPS program is a prevention tool that allows girls and women to recognize and use their capacity and their right to defend themselves so they can feel safer and less vulnerable from all types of violence. The goal is to fight against the effects of gender socialization and sexual inequalities. It remains important to understand that if sexual violence occurs, the responsibility rests entirely on the perpetrator. The program takes 2 days to complete.

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