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We are seeking projects and initiatives to help us fight sexual violence. Do you have an idea? A hunch? We’d love to hear from you and, who knows, work together! Contact us to talk to our team! You can reach us at 

Here are just a few examples of projects recently developed or those we are working on: 

Since 2022, we’ve been stakeholders in the Laval allied against sexual violence project. Unique in Québec, this project brings together community, public, cultural, sports, and municipal organizations to draw up a portrait of resources and needs in terms of prevention, support, and training around the issue of sexual violence. Once this portrait is completed, all project partners will identify significant actions to implement. A collective project for social change!

In collaboration with the Intervention Centre in Sexual Delinquency (ICSD), we are developing tools to prevent sexual violence for elementary school teachers. We aim to send a powerful message on the primary prevention of crimes of sexual violence.

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