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We are on the look out for projects and initiatives aiming to fight against sexual violence. Do you have an idea, an intuition? We could be interested and maybe even make progress together! Contact us to discuss with our team members! You can contact us at 450 669-9053 or at

Here are a few examples of completed projects or projects in development:

In collaboration with the Laval police department, we meet annually with nearly 100 teenage girls staying in the Laval youth centre. We discuss the issue of sexual exploitation using the “Je m’appartiens” workshop, conceived specifically for them.

In Laval, we currently work with the Centre de prévention et d’intervention: résolution des différends, harcèlement, violences à caractère sexuel, of Cegep Montmorency on the development of a project called “Commande un Angelot.” It aims to fight against sexual violence in bars frequently visited by students. Therefore, we aim to reach over 30,000 young people in Laval. If you are interested in this project, you can join us, as the project is currently still in its infancy!

We have proudly participated in the creation of the sexual violence awareness campaign “Parlons-nous sans tabou” in collaboration with the Laval CAVAC and the CIDS. This campaign is propelled by URBANIA. It is particularly addressed to people between the age of 18 and 35 years old.

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