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A child’s disclosure of sexual assault is an event that affects the entire family. We are here to help children resume their development as well as to guide parents in supporting their children and their families.

Since the fall 2020

we offer services to children between the age of 3 and 12 years old who have been victims of sexual violence and to their parents. A reference from the Director of Youth Protection (DYP) or a member of the police body is necessary to have access to individual psychotherapy services.

The individual psychotherapy appointments with children allow the therapy to be adapted to their personal needs.

In some children, development stagnates or even regresses after a trauma, while in other cases they remain stable. The therapy aims to promote the resumption of their development, help them achieve long-term recovery and allow them to reach a psychological balance.

A child’s disclosure of sexual assault is an event that affects the entire family. Parents may need to be guided in understanding and supporting their child. Those who are interested can benefit from individual counselling. They can also receive help to make a request to “IVAC”, a compensation program for victims of criminal acts. These services can be offered at any time during the child’s journey, from the moment a reference is received until the end of psychotherapy.

The non-perpetrator parents’ consent is essential and their participation, presence, protection, observation, and communication, are required.

The collaboration between parents and the psychotherapist allows children to benefit from an adequate and continuous support.

The children’s psychotherapy is on a weekly basis and each meeting lasts for 45 minutes, whereas the meetings with the parents last for 60 minutes and occur monthly. To begin, 16 appointments are provided: 12 appointments with the child and 4 with the parents. According to the needs of the child and depending on their progress, it could be necessary to adjust the duration of the psychotherapy.

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