About us

Our values

We believe in everyone’s potential for growth. We respect the experience, values, needs and expectations of people with whom we intervene. We have a vision for social change supported by the following powerful values.


Honest behaviour of a person or an organization. Integrity is also the absence of bad intentions.


Capacity to recognize and understand someone else’s emotions.


Humanitarian feeling propelling people to help each other.


A person’s ability to express truth.

Equality between people

Equality of rights, responsibilities, and chances for all genders and sexes.

Social justice

Moral and political construct aiming for equality of rights and recognizing the need for collective solidarity for all people within society.

Our vision

Our goal is to offer all victims of sexual violence the necessary help and support as soon as they ask us for it. We aspire to be THE reference in our field of expertise.

Every day, we work to ensure that victims of sexual violence regain power over their lives. We aim for a societal change by raising individual and collective awareness of negative effects of sexist attitudes and biases.

Our mission

We fight against sexual violence by speaking to the population of Laval, especially to the victims of sexual violence and their relatives. Our main mandate is to provide intervention services and dispense prevention and awareness programs.

Our approach to the problem of sexual violence

We believe that sexual violence refers to a societal problem. We consider that it is first and foremost an abuse of power. Thus, we choose to raise awareness of attitudes, biases, sexist values, and negative effects of gender socialization with a feminist perspective. We always turn the responsibility of the violence over to the perpetrator. Therefore, we promote equal relationships which allow and motivate our clients to take charge of their lives.

Our feminist approach and values are stressed as such:

  • Remove feelings of blame and guilt
  • Aim for individual and social change
  •  Believe in people’s potential
  • Connect people’s experiences
  • Facilitate client’s regaining of power over their lives
  • Make this problem a collective issue

Indigenous Territory Acknowledgement – CPIVAS

We wish to acknowledge that the land on which we are gathered is part of the unceded traditional territory of the Kanien’keha:ka (Mohawk) nation. This land served as a meeting and trade ground for thousands of years. We are grateful to be allowed to meet, collaborate, and work here with you.

CPIVAS also recognizes the devastating consequences of colonization on Native women and girls who had to face, and still do, important levels of violence. 2 As a feminist organization, we want to demonstrate our solidarity toward these communities by continuing to educate ourselves on these issues, recognizing our privileges and engaging in a decolonization process.

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Phone: 450-669-9053



Mon - Fri from 8am to 5pm

+1 888-933-9007

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Post office box 27543
Pont Viau franchise
Laval, Québec, H7G 4Y2






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