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Here are the testimonies of our team members speaking to their attachment to CPIVAS and their motivation to work with all people concerned with the issue of sexual violence.

Monique Villeneuve

(she/her) - General Manager - M.P.A..

The years spent at the head of CPIVAS since May 2018, have been filled with significant challenges, great satisfactions, and beautiful encounters! At the heart of this action is my deepest wish to fight sexual violence and offer women, men, teenagers, and their loved ones struggling with such experiences, the support, comfort and tools to regain power over their lives. I believe prevention is a powerful way of educating people of all ages about issues such as sexual violence. I have stepped up my efforts to consolidate our prevention and intervention team. As a result, we’ve gone from 7 to 16 employees in just a few years, not counting the trainees who come to lend us a hand on a regular basis! Growing an organization like ours is certainly one of my most significant accomplishments! I’m proud to lead a team of competent and dedicated professionals and to act as liaison with a skillful and dynamic board of directors.

Sarah Montminy

(she/her) - Clinical Director, MD

I joined CPIVAS in June 2023. From the very first moment, the feminist, social justice, and solidarity values of this wonderful team of competent, empathetic, and passionate professionals appealed to me. My goal at CPIVAS is to work hand in hand with every team member so that everyone can have a positive experience at work and offer our clientele quality services. I hope to be a pillar for my colleagues, who do such essential and demanding work, to rely on. My rich and diverse background in medicine and healthcare administration confers me a better understanding and ability to address multiple issues, whether they are organizational, clinical, or relational. I’m incredibly grateful and proud to be part of the team and to be able to contribute to the fight against sexual violence.

Sophie Politick

(she/her) - Administrative Assistant

I joined the CPIVAS team in June of 2019. I had worked for a municipal organization for 30 years. My job there was completely different. When I came across the CPIVAS job offer, I was drawn to it because of its human aspect and sensitivity to a cause so close to my heart. The Administrative Assistant position was new to me and filled with exciting challenges. My role is to support the General Manager and the CPIVAS team. For me, customer service is paramount, and my role, welcoming our clientele, is crucial. I like to see their and our team members’ well-being. An Administrative Assistant should be thorough, autonomous, organized and a good listener. I greet our clientele with warmth and kindness and try to reassure them… I take these responsibilities to heart, and it’s my way of helping people.

Jade Aubin

(she/her)—Social Work Technician—High School Prevention Programs Coordinator

I have been working at CPIVAS since September 2019. I did my final internship in Social Service Work at this organization and was more than happy to be asked to be part of their fantastic team. As part of my job with the prevention team, I get to meet young people. It’s actually my favourite part of the job. Taking part in debates, deconstructing young people’s deep-rooted myths and prejudices, answering their many questions, and even listening to them confiding their deepest secrets reaffirms the relevance of tackling the issue of sexual violence and violence in relationships with them. These young people are tomorrow’s adults, and there’s nothing more gratifying than seeing them take a stand against sexual violence.

Magalie Bélanger

(she/her)—M.A. Sexologist and psychotherapist

I’ve been working at CPIVAS since 2002. Driven by values of justice, equality, and solidarity, it is with compassion that I accompany victims of sexual violence every day so that they can regain power over their lives, improve their quality of life and achieve overall well-being. I also work with loved ones to help them become resilient guides, helping victims bounce back and rebuild their lives after experiencing sexual assault. In addition to helping create change on an individual level, my involvement with CPIVAS is also motivated by the need to participate in transforming the social norms that support sexual assault. To that end, I work to dismantle the rape culture by raising awareness about the attitudes and prejudices that trivialize and normalize sexual violence, promoting fair and equal relationships between sexes and cultivating a culture of consent.

Lauray-Anne Boulay

(she/her)—TA—Counsellor, Prevention Programs Facilitator

Being a vigilante at heart, I’ve always believed in the power of activism to address issues our society faces. Since January 2023, I’ve had the privilege to add my voice to this cause so close to my heart. As a prevention programs facilitator in elementary and high schools, it’s while in the field that I realize the true meaning of this mission. The need to talk about it. It’s by talking to students that I realize just how much the education of healthy, fair and equal relationships can make a real difference in the fight against sexual violence. I’m profoundly convinced that we can create change together by continuing to break the silence to collectivize this social issue further. I believe there’s nothing more gratifying than to feel fulfilled in your work and supported by a team with whom you share values.

Laurie Chaiken

(she/her)—M.A. Sexologist and Psychotherapist

I’m delighted to join the CPIVAS team as a sexologist and psychotherapist. Having worked with a vulnerable clientele for many years, I have a passion for psychosocial intervention in all its forms and for psychoeducational tool creation. It’s a real privilege to accompany people through their healing process and witness them regain power over their lives. An activist at heart, I’ve always identified with the values of feminist intervention. I am proud to take part in the fight for equality, respect, and social justice as part of a dynamic and passionate team.

Stéphanie Gilbert

(she/her) - B. Ed. —Prevention Programs Facilitator

For a while, I had been looking for a meaningful job that would allow me to foster my greatest passions: education, intervention, and feminism. What a joy for me to join the CPIVAS team this last January! Facilitating the Clique sur toi! workshops in elementary and high schools and the various projects that revolve around them is so stimulating. Everyone I meet along the way—the young people, my colleagues, and other members of the community — bears lessons for me so that I can better carry out the organization’s mission, which I hold so dear: to put an end to oppression and transform society to make it fairer and more equal, healthy, and fair!

Laura Lacroix

(she/her) - B.A. Sexologist - Prevention Programs Facilitator

The way I see it, working for CPIVAS allows me to put into practice everything I’m made of. That is my training as a sexologist, my experience facilitating prevention workshops and my feminist activist side. The best part of my job is having access to discussions with children and teenagers on preventing sexual violence. Together, we talk about a sensitive and taboo subject to collectivize the issue and provide an egalitarian society to all. What I appreciate all the more is having the chance to create prevention tools that raise awareness among young people on a broader scale. Finally, being a member of the CPIVAS team provides me with the best opportunities in a stimulating and enriching environment.

Jennifer Mendoza

(she/her)— Social Work Technician – Counsellor, Youth Segment

I joined the CPIVAS team in May of 2023 as a Helping Counsellor for victims and their relatives; just before that, I completed my internship as a Social Work Technician with the CPIVAS. Their values, such as compassion, equality, and social justice, correspond to my own, both personally and professionally. My goal as a Social Work Technician is to fight against the various sorts of violence and injustice experienced by our society. And so, I wish to create a safe and inclusive space to better welcome and recognize each individual’s life experience. I am grateful to be able to accompany individuals throughout their empowerment process.

Stéphanie Mercier

(she/her)—B.A. Criminology—Primary Prevention Programs Coordinator.

My bachelor’s degree in criminology led me to work as a rehabilitation educator in a youth centre. Those 13 years have taught me to accompany better children and teenagers dealing with issues such as behaviour and adjustment disorders, neglect, violence in a family setting, abandonment, mental health, emotional management, substance abuse, sexual offences, depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. My background also includes 5 years teaching English in Japan, which introduced me to educational content design and project management. CPIVAS now welcomes me to take part in its challenge to prevent sexual violence through its workshops in elementary and high schools promoting respect, caring, and gender equality. I’m proud to be able to contribute to their mission. I’m convinced that prevention is at the heart of bringing about positive and lasting change in society.

Marie-Josée Panneton

(she/her)—M.A. Sexologist and Psychotherapist

I joined the CPIVAS team in 2012. Through my university training, the issue of sexual assault in our society is a subject that has always challenged me professionally. CPIVAS allows me to address this issue in various ways (intervention, prevention, awareness-raising, etc.). Psychotherapy is undoubtedly the most personally rewarding aspect of my work. The opportunity to witness the inner strength of women and men who are victims of sexual assault and guide them toward greater resilience is an invaluable privilege.

Julie Pérusse

(she/her)—M.A. Sexologist and Psychotherapist

I’ve been working at CPIVAS since 2006. I completed both my university internships within the organization, and I just plain and simply fell in love with it!

People often ask me, “How have you managed working in the field of sexual violence for such a long time…?!” I’ve been asked this question so many times over the years! But my reply remains the same: I love working at CPIVAS because it allows me to be a privileged witness to that crucial moment when a person chooses to take back power over their life (i.e., the moment when they decide to transition from a life of survival to simply living their life without fear, without being a victim, among other things).

Despite the numerous and often disabling consequences associated with sexual violence, I’ve met an impressive number of people committed to taking back power over their lives and … getting better. As far as I’m concerned, having the privilege of supporting/accompanying our clientele throughout this process is a significant, critical, and inspiring experience. As you can see, this work nourishes me from the inside, connecting the heart with what is essential.

Katia Sénéchal

(she/her)—M.A. Sexologist and Helping Relationship Counsellor

“Being on my X” is how I describe my work at CPIVAS! Having worked in the community for over 25 years as a sexologist and counsellor, mainly in mental and sexual health, I joined this fine organization in 2022. The overall well-being of people, especially the most vulnerable ones, has always been most interesting to me. A lifelong feminist and optimist in action, CPIVAS’ actions align with my core values and offer me a fulfilling and rewarding work environment. I work with a dynamic and professional team and am involved in change through continuous and innovative projects. Of course, my primary role as a counsellor working with adults is quite fulfilling. Helping people regain power over their lives at their own pace through trusting, respectful, and understanding relationships is as rewarding as ever. CPIVAS and its team strive to help victims, acting upstream to prevent and raise public awareness about sexual violence. In short, being able to make a difference!

Émilie Chantal Tremblay

(she/her)—B.A. Sexologist and Prevention Program Designer

I have been working in prevention as part of the CPIVAS team since 2019. With the aim of preventing sexual violence, the essence of my role is to design educational and playful activities to acquire knowledge and develop attitudes and relational skills conducive to the healthy psychosexual and social development of children and adolescents.

The multidisciplinary team at CPIVAS enables me to evolve professionally and make a tangible contribution to building a better world.

Steffi Verpaelst

(she/her)—M.A. Sexologist and Psychotherapist

My love affair with CPIVAS dates back to 2019, when I joined the team as part of a master’s internship in clinical sexology. I immediately felt at home in this stimulating, humane and committed environment. Since the beginning of my career in sexology, my goal has been to practise psychotherapy with victims of sexual assault, which is why CPIVAS is an ideal and stimulating work environment for me. Regaining control over one’s life and the process of acceptance are at the heart of my intervention approach, and I’m delighted to be able to accompany people in this direction.

Members of the Board of Administration

Engaged and dedicated to fight against sexual violence

Mélissa Montour

Mélissa Montour


Strategic and principal political Advisor at Alliance de développement de stratégies Alpha (ADSA)

Frédérick Lapointe

Frédérick Lapointe


Social service agent & sexologist at the “Centre de prévention et d’intervention au Cégep Montmorency”

Dorcas Destinoble

Dorcas Destinoble


Executive Director of “Femmes en emploi”

Mélanie Brisebois

Mélanie Brisebois


Founder & owner of “L’Élixir de Jouvence”

Desneiges Simard

Desneiges Simard



Emma Berrigan-Ramirez

Emma Berrigan-Ramirez

Employee representative

Coordinator of the prevention programm (elementary school), CPIVAS

Claudia Ossio

Claudia Ossio


Criminal and penal prosecuting attorney in Laval.

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