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Here are the testimonies of our team members speaking to their attachment to CPIVAS and their motivation to work with all people concerned with the issue of sexual violence.


General Director

The last two years directing CPIVAS were filled with wonderful challenges, grand satisfactions, and lovely encounters. At the heart of all the action, a leitmotif: fighting against sexual violence and offering all victims and their relatives support, reassurance, and tools to regain power over their lives. I am also profoundly convinced that prevention constitutes a powerful way to educate the whole population regarding issues such as sexual violence. I have multiplied the efforts to consolidate our intervention and prevention team. We have increased the size of our organization from 7 to 11 employees during the first year in addition to our interns who help us tremendously! Developing an organization such as ours has been extremely satisfying! I am proud to manage a team of competent and dedicated professionals and am the bridge for a dynamic and competent board of administration.


Administrative assistant

I joined CPIVAS in June 2019. I worked for 30 years in a municipal organization where my duties were completely different. When I came aware of the job opening at CPIVAS, I felt a calling to this organization because of its humane and sensitive approach to an issue that I hold dear to my heart. The administrative assistant position was new to me and presented wonderful challenges. I assume a role of support for the general director as well as for the team members. For me, customer service is essential and my role at reception is important. I like to attend to the well-being of our clientele and to our team members. The qualities of an administrative assistant consist of thoroughness, autonomy, organizational and listening skills. I welcome the clientele with a smile and kindness and try to be reassuring… I take these responsibilities seriously and it is my personal way to help people.


Coordinator of the sexual violence prevention services

I have now been working at CPIVAS for 2 and a half years. This job allows me to regularly debunk myths regarding sexual violence and sexuality in general. I love meeting young (and not quite as young!) people in schools and other settings in order to speak frankly with them about subjects such as consent, respect and even love! Working at CPIVAS has definitely allowed me to develop my sense of belonging to the feminist battle. Fighting against social injustice is now part of my everyday life, in and out of the office.


Assistant coordinator of the sexual violence prevention services

In the fall of 2020, I will have been working at CPIVAS for 1 year, but will have been part of the team for two years as I was an intern the previous year during my technical program in social work studies. As part of my role in the prevention team, I get to meet youth from Laval in grade 3 of high school. Actually, this is my favourite part of the job. Participating in debates, debunking well-anchored myths and biases, answering their multitude of questions, or having them confide in us reaffirms the need to address the issue of sexual violence and violence in intimate relationships with this clientele. These young people are the adults of tomorrow and nothing is more rewarding than seeing them join in and take a stand against sexual violence.


Sexologist and sexual violence prevention program designer

I have been working in the prevention side of CPIVAS for 1 year. In order to prevent sexual violence, my mandate essentially consists of designing educational and playful activities aiming to transmit knowledge and develop favourable relational skills and attitudes in kids and teenagers as to favour a healthy psychosexual development. The multidisciplinary team at CPIVAS allows me to grow as a professional and concretely contribute to building a better world.


Sexologist and Educational designer

As I have recently arrived in the organization, I feel happy and privileged to join the team and I have an objective to contribute to building an egalitarian world where love, respect, empathy and open-mindedness will be at the heart of our actions. I am a sensitive, creative and passionate person. The collective and individual well-being of people drives my motivation and my creativity. The recognition and consideration of the realities regarding diversity are priorities in both my professional and personal life. I am sincerely convinced that prevention is essential in the battle against sexual violence and that we can get there with humbleness and dedication.


Sexologist and Psychotherapist

I have worked at CPIVAS since May 2006. I completed my two university internships at this organization, and have…very simply…fallen in love with it! Often, people ask me: “How have you been able to work in the domain of sexual violence…for so long…?!” Indeed, people have often asked me this question and I have always had the same answer. I love working at CPIVAS because it gives me the opportunity to be a privileged witness to the moment, almost sacred moment, where a person decides to take back power over their life. Despite the numerous, often incapacitating, consequences associated with sexual violence, I have met people who have made the commitment to themselves…to get better. For me, being the supportive person in this process is extremely important and rewarding. This work nourishes me greatly and allows for a connection at a profound level, which is essential!


Sexologist and Psychotherapist

I have been working at CPIVAS for 18 years. Animated by the values of justice, equality, and solidarity, I support people who are victims of sexual violence every day with compassion, so they can take back power over their lives, improve their quality of life and reach a general state of well-being. I also intervene with relatives, so they become resiliency tutors and help victims bounce back and rebuild themselves after having suffered a sexual assault. In addition to making change happen at an individual level, my commitment to CPIVAS is also motivated by the need to engage in the transformation of social norms that maintain sexual violence. In this vein, I work on dismantling rape culture by spreading knowledge on the attitudes and biases that minimize and normalize sexual violence by promoting equality between sexes and by cultivating a culture of consent.


Sexologist and Psychotherapist

My name is Marie-Josée and I joined the team at CPIVAS 8 years ago. Given my university education, our society’s problem with sexual violence is a matter that has always been of professional interest to me. CPIVAS offers me the opportunity to work on it from different angles (intervention, prevention, awareness, etc.). Personally, psychotherapy is certainly the most rewarding part of my work. The possibility to be a witness to the inner strength of victims of sexual assault and to guide them towards greater resiliency is, in my eyes, an invaluable privilege.


Versatile Counselor

For nearly a year now, I have had the pleasure to help survivors of sexual violence and contribute to the eradication of this issue. I like to offer survivors my listening and empathy, a place to be heard and understood as well as to share information with them in order to give them keys to begin taking back power over their lives. Through appeasement workshops, I like discussing, raising awareness, and connecting experiences. I also enjoy seeing survivors reflect and become aware of certain things, as well as noticing the moment when they choose to make themselves a priority and understand that they have that right. I like to witness the solidarity created between them and to see them grow and gain power over THEIR lives at their own pace. Furthermore, I have the privilege to oversee the mobilization committee where members get involved and pose actions for the fight against sexual violence and for the improvement of women’s well-being. I enjoy raising awareness, among other things, through prevention programs in schools in order to change social norms and build a culture of consent and equality. I like the fact that in my work, through all these actions, I contribute to social change and aim to be part of more equal society. This is why I love my work.


Versatile Counselor

It is with great joy that I have recently joined the team at CPIVAS! The issue of sexual violence has touched me a lot since the very first waves of denunciations and I wish to help survivors regain power over their lives. I consider it important to be present and united for the client and their relatives by offering empathy and listening to them in a relation based on equality. Also, as a result of concertation and prevention, structures maintaining abuse can be changed and awareness can be raised throughout the population. Through my work at CPIVAS, I am proud to contribute to breaking the silence and implementing real social change. Feminist as long as necessary!


Intern and student in social work at Université de Montréal

I consider myself lucky to have joined the team at CPIVAS to conduct my final internship. I have had an immediate calling to this organization because of its mission, but also for its values that I share professionally and personally. I have justice and social change at heart and believe that all together, we have the power to make changes happen, break myths and biases, and build a more just and equal society. I feel privileged to be able to participate in the multiple activities and services offered by the organization such as the appeasement workshops, the mobilization committee, the prevention workshops, the intervention with relatives of sexual violence survivors and even more!


Intern and student in social work technique at Cégep Marie-Victorin

It is with great pleasure that I am joining the team at CPIVAS as an intern for the intervention and prevention services. I consider myself a loyal, dynamic, and lively woman. I am persuaded that I can bring warmth to the team by promoting cultural diversity and demonstrate active listening skills. For me, respect, open-mindedness, and empathy are fundamental values. Furthermore, I am a sensitive and passionate woman; thus, I care for women’s well-being! Equality and justice are central in my professional life. Together, let’s fight against sexual violence; let’s speak without taboos!


Intern and student in social work technique at Cégep régional de Lanaudière

It is with enthusiasm that I am joining the team at CPIVAS. I carry with me values of equity, authenticity, solidarity, and social justice, which I count on using in order to carry out the organization’s mission. I have the healing of sexual violence survivors at heart and I hope for a society where relations between men and women are equal. With active listening and empathy, I will be receiving help requests and will be offering support to relatives of survivors. I will also be dynamically participating in the prevention workshops in high schools.


Intern in communication and marketing and student in political science at the University of Concordia.

It has always been important for me to inform and educate myself on feminist issues, particularly the ones regarding violence committed towards women. At CPIVAS, we address a societal problem still very much present and still a taboo, leaving profound sequelae. I am delighted to be part of a team that comes together in this fight by helping victims, but also by informing the population on what exactly are sexual assaults. Through my time at CPIVAS, I want to offer my help to improve victims’ well-being, be there to listen to them, but overall, I want to be part of the change!


Sexologist and psychotherapist

When I finished my studies in sexology, a bit by accident, I started working with victims of domestic and sexual violence. There, I discovered an environment where I was able to flourish and use my feminist convictions and human values. Joining the CPIVAS team just made sense to me in regards of their mission and their values, including empathy, transparency, equality and social justice. One of the great strengths of CPIVAS, in my opinion, is to raise awareness and denounce sexual violence by aiming significant social changes, while providing a safe space for reflection and development for anyone affected directly or indirectly by this issue. I admire the courage and strength of every person who has experienced sexual violence to ask for help. I firmly believe in the potential of human beings to flourish and fulfill themselves and I feel privileged to accompany and support every person towards a regain of power over their life.


Communications & marketing Advisor.

Looking back on certain moments of our lives, we realize that some moments were turning points on our path to becoming the person we are today. I know who I want to become. The person I envision myself to be is an activist, a passionate of social problematics, a militant who fights for injustice. I wish to become the type of person I admire and work for what counts the most, human values. Working at CPIVAS is one of those turning points which I believe gets me closer to the person I am meant to become. A person that spends their life fighting for things they believe in. Caring about this cause isn’t a decision, as a woman, it unfortunately becomes second nature, it is instinct, it is vital, it is necessary. As an individual who desires to see change, I realized something…

If you do not like the world you live in, be part of the change, and that is exactly why I am here.

Members of the Board of Administration

Engaged and dedicated to fight against sexual violence

Ingrid E. Mazzola

Ingrid E. Mazzola


Lawyer, IEM Légal

Anna Timéo

Anna Timéo


Director of sales, Mary Kay

Lyne Boucher

Lyne Boucher


Director, professional and customer support, Médi Solution

Frédérick Lapointe

Frédérick Lapointe


Social service agent & sexologist, Centre de prévention et d’intervention au Cégep Montmorency

Laurence A. Quevillon

Laurence A. Quevillon

Employee representative

Coordinator of the sexual violence prevention services, CPIVAS

Claudia Ossio

Claudia Ossio


Criminal and penal prosecuting attorney in Laval.

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