Whether the disclosure of sexual assault is spontaneous or planned, it is a courageous step. A person who wishes to disclose an assault may have to overcome many fears, including stigmatizing and guilt-inducing myths and prejudices, the reaction of those around them, the collapse of the family or marital system, or the fear of being plunged back into painful memories, to name but a few. Even today, these fears remain legitimate, as many still blame victims.

However, the benefits of disclosure can be significant. For some people, it can be a way of breaking the silence and gaining support from those around them. As more and more people break the silence, they realize they are not alone and that a network of solidarity can be formed throughout society. At CPIVAS, we remain available and attentive to the needs of Laval residents wishing to initiate or continue a disclosure process.

Receiving a Disclosure

Receiving a disclosure is just as crucial as the disclosure itself. Those around the victims may feel confused and wonder how to support best the person who has broken the silence with their heavy secret. Here are a few tips on how to intervene in a helpful way:

  • Remain calm and use a reassuring tone of voice;
  • Check whether the person is in danger and contact the authorities if necessary;
  • Believe the person;
  • Listen carefully without interrupting or trying to get non-essential details;
  • Do not judge; each person reacts to sexual assault in any way they can;
  • Do not minimize or dramatize;
  • Put the responsibility back on the aggressor;
  • Do not try to convince them to report to the police; respect the person’s pace;
  • Report the sexual assault to the Director of Youth Protection when it involves a minor without promising to keep it a secret.

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